About Us


Who is Blerd Creations?

When two natives from the DMV came together, like Voltron or the MMPR Megazord, we formed Blerd Creations. Our co-creators are Blerds dedicated to the purpose of creating content and apparel that allows individuals to express themselves fully through style and fashion. 

Our mission is to bring the characters, nerd culture, and nostalgia to all those who resonate with it and the feelings behind them. The creators understand the feeling of not seeing themselves on screen and in the shows, anime, and games they experienced over the years. So, they created this space to put us front and center.

We pride ourselves on providing a pleasant shopping experience to everyone. You may find us online, at cons, or on your favorite cosplayer!

Blerd Artist Gallery

Blerd artists are a group widely underappreciated and we have decided to create a space for them to showcase their skills, talents, and works for all to see. We have created the "Blerd Artist Gallery" to put new, uprising talent on display. We will contiunously update our gallery with artist content because we believe in their talent and capability and want to make sure it is seen.

Featured Artist Collection of the Season

We believe in giving people with abilities and skills their shine so to that we must put them wherever eyes are looking. Our Artist Collection features pieces from Blerds that have been made into apparel for sale with the artist benefitting directly from the sales made from the products purchased with their designs. Each season we will bring to you a new artist with outstanding skills, designs, and pieces for you to wear, share, and show off!